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Meet “Little Beta”, Our Donor Access Platform & Database — Gyanada Foundation

Meet “Little Beta”, Our Donor Access Platform & Database

by Adrianna Tan on March 10, 2015

When we started Gyanada, one of the best parts which donors loved was that we sent them report cards and little notes from the kids from time to time. As our activities grew, so did the amount of logistics required to carry out the same experience for all our donors.

I’m happy to announce that with the help of one of our first donors, we have created a database which serves two purposes: it helps our staff keep an eye on the academic and non-academic performance of our kids across different cities, as partners are required to submit frequent reports on some metrics we track (such as grades, and even special abilities or interests in drawing or other activity). We also open up partial access to our donors who are able to track the progress of the girls they have sponsored.

Feature: Profile

You’ll get to see some background information on the child you have sponsored, along with other details about her family or personal characteristics. We track these, as any changes in the family’s economic situation can lead to children dropping out abruptly. We are also interested in their non-academic talents, and in the future we will looking into creating opportunities in those areas.

Donor Access Platform

Feature: Report Card

Academic performance is an essential part of what we do. However, we are a needs-based organization, not one which only awards assistance on merit. Regardless of how they do, as long as they stay in school we continue to fund their education.

Beta - Grades Sample

How Do I Access This?

If you are a current Gyanada donor, you would have received access details via email! (Can’t find it? Get in touch with us and we’ll hook you up.)

We are always looking forward to using technology in innovative ways to solve some of the problems that we face, for both our team and for the work we do. Do you have proficiency in web and mobile development? Perhaps you will be a good fit for our tech volunteer role.