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As Storytellers — Gyanada Foundation

As Storytellers

Gyanada Story-teller Program

What is the program all about:

Gyanada believes that every child is gifted with the power of listening and to ensure that children have access to holistic education, TGF has found out a unique way to help children develop reading, writing and comprehension skills through the interesting act of listening to stories.

TGF is looking for enthusiastic volunteers whom we would like to call Storytellers who would help these little underprivileged children and connect with their reality. These children come from various backgrounds which can range from being drop outs, or have just started attending schools, first or second generation learners and the only common thing that exists among them is, like any other child, love for listening to stories. Stories allows a child to let their imagination to grow and while they intently do that, it indirectly helps them to connect to the language they are listening the story in, increase vocabulary, increase curiosity to know more and enhance their ability to communicate sometimes in more than one language.

What these sessions are like?
Storytelling- is one of our most effective programs to engage children in the age group of 7 to 14 years every fortnight to create an environment that enables imagination, memory, emotion, curiosity and most importantly expression. For the children, storytelling tangibly expands and introduces new vocabulary, enhances listening skills, and promotes conversation skills (both one to one and on a public forum). In the past 2 years, we have conducted more than 30 storytelling sessions with about 20-25 children attending every session. We have tied up with Pratham books, who provide us books on different topics or themes including geography, language, history, science. Each session lasts for almost 90 minutes and a story teller can choose to tell few small stories or tell just one story (that again depends on the size of the story books that the story teller may have chosen to narrate). As a storyteller, you may also decide to hold sessions for longer period, though it is not suggested as children usually have a very short span of attentiveness and longer stories may not attract focussed attention for details. These sessions would be conducted once or twice a week depending on the availability of the children.

How do you fit as a storyteller?

If you too share as passion as all of us at TGF to make a change and impact the lives of little children through storytelling, this is the right opportunity for you to showcase your passion. As a storyteller, you not just have to have deep passion for narrating stories in a lucid and simple fashion but also connect with your audience, in this case, children. Here are certain skills that can help you understand if you have it in you to join us for this program:

  1. Creativity and imagination to weave the stories in a way which interests the children.
  2. To be able win the trust of your audience, in this case, children. Unless you win the trust of the children they will never pay attention to your storytelling sessions no matter how interestingly you conduct it
  3. Empathetic to the social condition that these children are coming from.
  4. Preparedness before the session. The storybooks will be shared with you well in advance so that you can prepare yourself for the session. The more you believe in preparation for your session, the better your session would be.
  5. Narrating the story in a tell-a-tale way and not reading out from the text. The talent of a good story teller lies in her/his ability to present it to the audience like her/his own story and not reading out from the text. Once you start reading out, the audience immediately loses interest in the story.
  6. Engaging with your audience. Storytelling is not an activity that you will be conducting in isolation. The purpose of the session is to engage your audience while you tell them the story and enhance their power of imagination.
  7. Another quality that is necessary for a storyteller is the ability to connect with the reality of the children. This enables the storyteller to build a rapport with the children and allows children to connect with the story. As a storyteller, you may choose to add your personal touch or share anecdotes or lived experiences which may appeal to the children and help the session become more personal and connected.

Eligibility and Interview Process:

If you think you possess the qualities that are mentioned in the previous section along with commitment and time required for this program, please get in touch with us. You may be anyone with any qualifications, from any profession, all you need is the passion for storytelling and connect with children while you do it. Please note, this program is a three month long programme after the completion of which we would award you with an experience certificate as a recognition of your contribution to TGF. We would like to have a telephonic interview in the first round with you after which, if shortlisted, we will share a story prior to the second round with you which you will have to demonstrate to us as a storyteller in person at our office. We promise you that this is going to be one of the most enriching experiences of your life.

Click here if you are interested in becoming a storyteller.