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Support Us — Gyanada Foundation

Support Us

You can support the Gyanada Team in different ways.


You can donate to send a child to school or fund one of our many programs. Click here to know how.


Many people ask us, “What can I do other than donate?”

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many skill-sets that are a good and exact fit for an organization like ours. We would love to have your assistance and contribution in many other areas too, but getting the financials sorted is still the number one priority so that we can pay for our programs and put our kids in school year after year.

So if you would like to help us gather the funds to finance our projects, you can join us as a fundraiser. Get in touch with us here.

Run for Gyanada

A few times a year, Gyanada Foundation participates in marathons and other races across India.

We are always looking to meet running enthusiasts who are interested in running for a non-profit, so that we can discuss you running (at your own expense) for Gyanada. We are especially active at the SCMM and TSK marathons in order to raise funds for our kids.

We are looking for runners, fund-raisers and general helpers to assist us!

Fill this volunteer form if you wish to run with us.