Gyanada Foundation believes access to better educational opportunities leads to improved educational outcomes. Binary Story and Gyanada Scholars are interventions that aims to bring children from socially and financially disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue aspirations and lead better lives.

Gyanada Foundation was founded in 2013 as a registered trust in India and our team is headquartered in Mumbai, India.

  1. Registered as a trust in India

  2. Initiated the Gyanada Scholars program by supporting the education of 137 girls across 5 states in India

  3. Collaborated with Pratham Books to conduct storytelling sessions with more than 200 children across five cities

  4. Continued supporting the education of girl children and started working on after school programs to bring children enjoy the process of leaning

  5. Flagged of weekly storytelling sessions in collaboration with Pratham books in Mumbai, Ranchi and Kolkata.

  6. Conducted our first ever electronic bootcamp in Ranchi with more than 100 children

  7. Organized our first ever workshop with SoftKlas on SCRATCH , block- based programming language by MIT Media Labs with 15 vernacular medium students at Motilal Oswal, Prabhadevi

  8. Conducted a pilot on introducing SCRATCH to 12 street girls in Mumbai. Diamond Technology Solutions supported us with logistics and mentors to run the pilot

  9. Binary Story was incepted to use computer programming and physical as a tool to focus on the "How of thinking and not the What of thinking"

  10. Conducted a summer workshop with 40 students in schools on MIT App Inventor 4 schools and 1 non-profit partnered with us to run Binary Story as an after school program once a week.

  11. 10 fellows signed up to deliver the Binary Story program in schools. We kicked off the program with 100 students in 4 schools and 1 non-profit


Gyanada Foundation c/o Ashika Group, 807, 8th Floor Raheja Centre, 214 Nariman Point Mumbai- 400021, India. 


Email: info@gyanada.org
Phone: 022-66111795