Welcome to the April edition of our newsletter.
In these challenging times, we bring to you, our innovative ways of staying connected with our kids, fellows and stakeholders. 

Here's our take on staying positive amid the pandemic!

We care about you!

We hope all of you are keeping good health and staying indoors. This is a challenging time for all and we're in this together. Follow the precautionary measures recommended by WHO, click the button below: 

World Heath Organisation

In a competitive spirit

We, at Gyanada, intend to carry out interactive activities for our kids to kindle their creative spark, while being at home. Kids at each school will be given various tasks, related to tech, general knowledge, art and craft, academics to carry out. To encourage a healthy competition, these tasks will be evaluated. The scores of individual schools will be hosted on our website. We intend to carry out this creative model with low tech solutions so as to connect with all our kids. It will be live on our website by this month, do check it out at : www.gyanada.org

Connecting with our Fellows and Stakeholders

We'll soon be hosting a cyber security webinar jointly with Responsible Netism, open to principals of schools all over the world. This engagement with our stakeholders will be an excellent platform for discussions on the importance of introducing tech education at a young age. What better time to understand this, than now! Technology is the tool connecting the whole world together during these trying times.

We also have training sessions for fellows coming up this month. The third year of our fellowship program is all about conceptual learning through Python. We'll soon be starting training programs on Python with our fellows. This program will enable them to have a better grip on the course. Also, the extra time lets them design their unique teaching models.  

Stay Safe!
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